Lucky Kitty coloring set of dishcloths

New England sweetgum cloth


I'm a cat lover.  My big orange cat, Cosmo, is a sweetheart.  He keeps me company all day while I work (if you count someone that's asleep as company).  Cosmo was a shelter kitty, he was given up two times before we adopted him six years ago and as you can imagine, it took him a while to get comfortable in our home. He's a happy cat now and absolutely loves attention.  Really the best pet I could ever imagine having.  I love this little furry guy with all my heart.

Naturally, when thinking up new designs for a sweetgum™ cloth a kitty came to mind.  The Japanese Lucky Kitty is called a Maneki-neko.  You've seen these cats with the waving paws.  So cute, right! 

A red piggy bank Maneki-neko sits on my desk right next to my computer.  He makes me smile each time I look over at him.  (It's the little things that make us happy.)

This Lucky Kitty dishcloth design is a New England version of the Maneki-neko, holding a cod instead of a carp.

The back of each kitty  dishcloth has color suggestions: red for good health, gold/yellow for good fortune, black for good luck, white for happiness, blue for academic fortune and pink for Love XXOO

Thanks kitty!



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