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Natural Cleaning

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Natural Cleaning

Just like you, we care about our home and want it to be a healthy, happy place to live.  And by "home" we mean our individual homes and our shared home- this little blue planet we call Earth.

That's why we love Swedish dishcloths so much.  From the manufacturing, to use and ultimately the disposal of, these dishcloths are kind to our home.

  • Made from renewable fibers (70% Cellulose & 30% Cotton)
  • Printed with water based inks
  • No chemicals are used in the making of our dishcloths
  • Recyclable 
  • 100% Biodegradable- compost after 6-9 months of use
  • Each dishcloth replaces up to 17 rolls of paper towels (saving on trees and water used during the manufacturing of paper towels)

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