What's a sweetgum™ cloth?

sweetgum cloth

"What's a sweetgum™ cloth?"

-Well, it's essentially a Swedish dishcloth, although not made in Sweden.  Our cloths are made in Finland. 

"That still doesn't answer your question?"  

-Ok, let me explain it this way.  It's a natural fiber cloth that's super absorbent, can be used to wipe up spills and clean just about any surface, a great replacement for paper towels (because unlike a paper towel, these can be washed in the machine) and they're way more stylish than a sponge.  Oh yeah, they're  also compostable!

"You're still not sure what I mean?"

-Watch this video.  Pictures are better than words :)

And no, it's not weird to love your dishcloth.  They're so darn cute and useful.  You've gotta love that.



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