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What do you do for a creative outlet?

Do you cook, paint, garden?

For me drawing & cooking are how I get my creative juices flowing. I’m most happy when I’m drawing. It’s that easy and yet I still find it difficult to set time aside for creative work.

It’s the exact reason I started this drawing challenge- to remind me how important creative time is for my sanity and happiness. So....

I’ve missed a few days of creating artwork and started to feel down. Life sometimes has a way of keeping me busy with a to-do list that,if I’m honest, I’m not that interested in doing.

How is it that we end up spending so much time on things that don’t matter to us and we forget about the One thing that’s at the heart of our Why? 

Course correction-
Drawing today and Jumping right into springtime foods with #asparagus  roasted with lemon.
Take this day and create something- bake, paint, write, garden, quilt.... for yourself 😘

You get to decide.  Go ahead and decide to do what it is that brings you joy. Make it happen.



Here's my colorful food drawing of the day: Asparagus


asparagus drawing by Sandra Venus




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