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DIY Natural Citrus Cleaning Solution

Here's a quick tip for how to clean your home without harsh chemicals.

Make your own Citrus cleaning solution with citrus peels and white vinegar.

Next time you peel  an orange or make a citrus salad, save the peels.  You can save them in the freezer until you have enough peels to to make the cleaner.  

Here's how to do it:

Pack a jar full of citrus peels then pour in enough white vinegar to cover.  Let the solution sit for two weeks to allow time for the vinegar to infuse with the scent of citrus.  Once the vinegar is smelling how you like it, go ahead and start using the natural cleaner to clean around the house: wipe down  the kitchen table and counters, clean sinks and the shower and all around the house.*

Happy Cleaning!



DIY natural citrus cleaning solution


*Be sure to first test out the solution on a small area if you are unsure whether or not vinegar can be used safely for cleaning.  For example, it's best not to use vinegar solutions on limestone counters.

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