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For the love of broccoli!

When I was a kid I avoided most things green, especially broccoli and Brussels sprouts.  I don't think I even tried a Brussels sprout until well into adulthood.  Skip a few years ahead and now I love broccoli and sprouts.  But my kids.... well they're not big fans of broccoli, yet.
My older son will eat it for the vitamins but not for the flavor, my younger son is typically the more adventurous eater but he won't touch broccoli.  It all has to do with an unfortunate experience with homemade broccoli pancakes I tried out on the boys.  It didn't go down well.  In our house when something tastes terrible the boys say it's as bad as broccoli pancakes.  Still trying to recover from that recipe disaster.
Broccoli may not be the most loved vegetable to eat but it sure is a fun looking veggie-  a mini tree, sized for  Smurfs.  
I'm often asked how I create the designs for sweetgum dishcloths.  Most times I start with a hand done line drawing on paper.  Fine point sharpie pens are my favorite. I then take the drawing into the computer for coloring and arranging the line drawings. 
This broccoli, sprouts and arugula  design was inspired by the Farmer's Market I do each Sunday in Boston (SOWA).  The market runs through the last Sunday of October so be sure to check it out if you live in the area- it's the place to find local produce and maybe even some fresh broccoli :)

 Make something yummy this weekend!



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