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How to keep your kitchen counter organized

Is your kitchen counter constantly cluttered with jars of spices and herbs?  I'ts nice to have a variety of spices close at hand when cooking but too many loose jars on the kitchen counter can be a cluttered mess.

Here's a tip for how to keep your spice and herb jars organized.

Select herbs and spices you'll most likely use for the season and put the other, less frequently used spices in a drawer, tucked away. I recommend setting aside your top 6-8 favorite spices and herbs to keep out for easy reach.

Use one of our small kitchen trays to hold the jars of spices and herbs and keep them within easy reach while cooking.


how to keep your kitchen counter clutter free

Use a small tray to organize jars of herbs and spices

Organize jars of herbs and spices on a tray to keep counter clutter free


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