Big news! 
Next week Sweetgum home is moving to a new studio outside my home. As much as I love working from home I just don’t have the space anymore.... and my family is tired of living with boxes overflowing into nearly every room of the house. 
It’s a good night for getting cozy on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and binge watching Netflix - @mariekondo -I need to get ideas for how to organize and sort out my studio to prepare for the move. 
Who knew it could be so fun to watch people folding up their laundry in tiny little rectangles and sorting through miscellaneous crap (sorry there’s no other way to describe the junk we all hold on to for waaaay to long- myself included!). I do love this show- so cheerful and optimistic.
Have you gotten into the spirit of cleaning out your clutter? What’s your tidying project for the winter?



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