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Happy Friday! 
Today feels like an extra special day... a day to celebrate!
My youngest son,Sam, graduated from middle school and is headed to high school next year😂
Both my boys will be in high school together for that one year before Walter graduates and leaves for college.... it’s all too soon! Everyone says they grow up too fast and it’s really true. 😕
I’ve got mixed feelings... happy for the boys and sad that time slips away. 
I’m thinking of doing a summer cooking project with my boys as a way to spend more time together before they fly away.
Growing up my parents and us kids used to cook together a lot. We were a foodie family. My mom is an amazing cook and so is my dad. Great memories from those days. I’d like to do the same with my boys now that they’re showing an interest in cooking. Neither one of the boys are doing camp this summer so maybe it will be a summer of “Cooking with mom”. Yeah... maybe this summer will be the one my boys learned to really cook- more than ramen noodles and scrambled eggs 😆
Do you like to cook with your kids? Were they able to cook a full meal before heading off to college? 
This summer could be interesting...