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Slow stitching and fabric collage

Slow stitching and fabric collage.

Below is a detail of one of the fabric collage projects I'm working on in my studio.  I added watercolor painting to the tea towel then stitched cut fabric to create the bird and flowers.  Embroidery stitches finish off the piece.  What I love about this process is that is allows you to tap into your own creativity, to experiment as you layer colors, textures and patterns.  

I encourage you take some time this week to make something, do something just for you. 

Draw, paint, stitch, cook, garden... Open yourself up to explore making.   You'll experience that feeling of joy that comes from expressing yourself creatively. 

Share with me in the comments below what creative projects you like to do.

slow stitching embroidery

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April 20, 2021

Hi Pauline,
Thanks for your note. Yes, that’s right, the tea towel becomes an art piece and not so much a usable kitchen towel once the watercolors and stitches are added. It’s a lovely way to create a wall hanging. On this particular project I used a variety of stitches: running stitch to make the circle shapes, outline stitch for the flower petals, blanket stitch to go around the bird and French knots sprinkled around. Often when adding embroidery, decorative stitches to a fabric collage I use just a few stitches: outline stitch, running stitch and French knots. You can create a lot of texture and details with just those three stitches.

Pauline Runkle

Pauline Runkle

April 20, 2021

But I imagine that these are no longer washable tea towels with the addition of the watercolor painting?
I love this technique but do not know the stitches to get started..can those be explained?
Thanks Sandra!
Another morning inspiration 🙂

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