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Stone Fruit Tart with Lemon pastry crust

One of the best things about summer farm stands.... ripe stone fruit!  

Walter (my older son) and I made a fruit tart from nectarines we got at a local farm stand- Tender Crop farm. 

Most of the time I'd use store bought pastry dough to save time but this time I wanted to teach Walter how to make pasty from scratch. It was a hot day and our dough kept getting too warm for rolling out, but we managed and had fun getting our hands all sticky in the process.

To make a standard dough more tasty use fresh lemon juice instead of water and add a little sugar.  I also added a teaspoon of ginger.  Yum!  The dough was the star of this tart.  

Over the past two months, while my boys have been out of school for the summer, I've been trying to spend more time cooking with them, teaching them some basic techniques. We've experimented with summer fruits & veggies in ice-pops, salads and cold soup.  School is starting back up again in a week and I've got so many more recipes I'd like to cook with them.  This may be the last cooking video for the summer but we'll keep cooking after school starts and share some of our recipes here on the blog.

I'm curious, how do you fit time in to cook with family? Share in the comments below.  I'd love to hear what your favorite family recipes are - the ones you make with your family rather than for them.



Download a Free PDF of this recipe here.




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