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Totes in 2021

New Year, New Products!

I'm planning on adding tote bags to the shop in 2021.

I'd love your help with deciding what size to make.  Would you like a large tote, sized for trips to the beach or park?  Or a smaller tote to carry just a few things, like a book and water bottle?  Add a comment below to share your feedback.

I hope to have the new totes in the shop by the end of Spring... just in time for Summer trips outside.



4 Responses

Valri Crosby

Valri Crosby

April 05, 2021

I think 2 sizes would be perfect! Maybe sold separately or as a bundle! Thank you for requesting suggestions! Love your products!

Laura Riley

Laura Riley

January 18, 2021

Personally I like the bigger tote. It’s very versatile for just about anything. I use totes for grocery shopping or going the the farmers market. I would also like a tote that has a pocket large enough on the inside or outside to put keys and wallet in. The oysters, fruit, vegetables and maybe flower art.

Linda Freede

Linda Freede

January 08, 2021

I would love to see one in the middle with a flat bottom. Being new to the club, I like the citrus design.



January 08, 2021

I like all sizes of totes. One size for grocery shopping would also be great.

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