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Washed Linen Chef Apron | Blue | Red | Gray

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Washed Linen Chef Apron: Blue | Red | Gray

A perfect balance of keeping your clothes safe while still looking sharp. Sweetgum Chef Apron is made of durable yet soft 100% linen and is created to perfectly suit both men & women.

TWO FRONT POCKETS are perfect for keeping things at hand.
ADJUSTABLE NECK TIE lets you choose the right fit.
TIE CLOSURE lets you comfortably adjust the size.
HIGHLY DURABLE MATERIAL will last many wash cycles.
HANDMADE with love.

Great GIFT for anyone who likes to cook!

Length: 38 inch

Width: 41 inch

100% washed linen

Made in Lithuania exclusively for Sweetgum Home

Machine Washing

New linen should be washed in cooler water temperatures for the first few washes; this will set the mercerization process. We recommend to separate your linens from other items in the first wash. Future wash temperatures should be at 40°C, but for stubborn stains, temperatures can be raised to 60°C. At that temperature, the smooth flax fibers that make up the linen material will release any staining.

If your washing machine allows you to select the water level, choose the highest one offered because linen is highly absorbent. Avoid crowding the washing machine with too many items at once as it can result in twisting or pulling the linen fabric out of shape. Be sure that any other items washed with linen clothing are similar in color, weight and washing instructions.


Do not wring out linen before drying. Whatever drying method you choose – line drying, tumbler drying or lying out on a terry towel – make sure your linen articles are slightly damp before ironing. Over drying is the most harmful process for fabrics as it weakens the fibers causing shrinkage and pilling. Over-dried items restore their natural moisture content after re-absorbing moisture from the air.

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