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Vintage Rugs

Big Bunny Swedish Dishcloth | Blue | 8" x 6.75" | Sweetgum

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This bunny design is based on a family pet rabbit that we had for over ten years.  He was a house bunny and had free range of our home, preferring the sofa to his hay box.  My husband and I adopted Rex from a local County Fair in Topsfield, MA before we had children.   Our two sons grew up with Rex hopping around the house, feeding him Cherios.  Walter, my older son, is just about two years old in the photo with Rex.   

Rex chewed just about every children's book we had.  No matter, the little guy was too cute to ever hold a grudge against him.
Rex was my spring bunny that brought us years of happiness.  He lives on in this design.   Find Rex in pink, blue or white on gray.



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