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New England "Swedish" Dishcloths | Set of 3 | 8" x 6.75" | Sweetgum

Set of 3 Sweetgum Swedish Dishcloths:  New England/Whale/Boston

New England: This design is inspired by the many trips I've taken with my family hiking and camping in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.  Places like Rangeley Lake where my husband and I spent part of our honeymoon and Bretton Woods where we taught our boys how to ski. One of my absolute favorite memories (that I tried to capture in this design) is of the time Jon and I spent camping with our sons at Ricker Pond State Park in Vermont.  The sound of the Loons singing at dusk was pure magic. 

Whale:  Moby Dick is one of my favorite books.  It's an adventure story that takes some patience getting into, but once you get past the first hundred pages (yes it does take a while to get into it!)  anyway, once you get into it, it's hard to put down.  I love a good sea adventure. Maybe because I get seasick and would never go on a sea adventure myself, so it's especially fun to read about them.  

Boston: This Boston design is the city as seen through the eyes on an architect: a mix of historic buildings and more contemporary buildings. And most important in my mind, how the city engages with Boston Harbor.

Sweetgum  dishcloths are designed by Sandra Venus in New England and printed in Finland by MORE JOY using a  traditional screen printing method.  Our dishcloths are made from all natural fibers using the highest quality wood cellulose sourced from Norway and printed with eco-friendly water based inks from Austria.