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NYC Swedish Dishcloth | green/yellow | Sweetgum

This design is a tribute to the people of the New York & New Jersey area.

I'm offering this dishcloth as a gift to you, with a min. purchase of $6. In exchange, please donate to 

Be sure to add 1 NYC dishcloth to your cart in order for the gift code to activate. Enter the code: NYC_Luv at checkout.

The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of friendship between nations.  Located on an island between New York and New Jersey,  it's also a visual reminder of what our country stands for, the promise of a better future for all and compassion for one another.  

For me personally, this image represents home.  I grew up in NJ just outside NYC.  My parents and extended family still live there.  I go down from Massachusetts with my boys to visit as often as we can.  I love this city.

I created this design as a tribute to the people of the NY/NJ area who have been hit so hard by the current health crisis.  Together we can make a difference for the people of NYC and all across our country.  Join me in helping out by making a donation to   Money donated to FeedingAmerica goes to local food banks all across the country, including NYC and New Jersey.

After placing an order here on Sweetgum Home, please go to  and donate any amount you can afford. I don't track donations. This is the honor system.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


Please note, this offer can not be combined with other discounts. Max. of 1 free NYC dishcloth per person.