Your home, made a little sweeter.

Based in Massachusetts, Sweetgum Home is a collection of kitchen goods, "Swedish" dishcloths, recipes & art prints that add happy to your day.

Designs inspired by New England and time spent cooking with family. 

We exist to create happiness by inspiring you to connect with friends & family in the ❤️ of your home, the kitchen.

Featured collection: New England

Cranberry Pear Kitchen Tea Towel + "Swedish" Dishcloth Set | Red | 100% Cotton | Eco-friendly | Sweetgum sweetgum textiles company, LLC
Merry Berry Swedish Dishcloths | Set of 5 | Red/White | 8" x 6.75" | Sweetgum sweetgum textiles company, LLC
Cranberry Pear Tray | wood and melamine | 12.5"' x 12.5" | Sweetgum SWEETGUM TEXTILES CO., LLC
Oyster Tray | wood and melamine | 15" round | Sweetgum sweetgum textiles company, LLC
Oysters Kitchen Tea Towel + Swedish Dishcloth Set | Gray | 100% Cotton | Eco-Friendly | Sweetgum Gift Set SWEETGUM TEXTILES CO., LLC
New England Swedish Dishcloths | Set of 3 | 8" x 6.75" | Sweetgum Swedish Dishcloths SWEETGUM TEXTILES CO., LLC

Cranberry Sauce Recipe


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