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Is it weird to have a crush on your dishcloth?

It’s hard to explain your love for a sweetgum™ cloth. Don’t even try. Just hand it to someone else, so they can experience the magic first-hand: the bold, modern design...the light, spongey feel…the way it wipes up spills and pretties up the room. And then there’s the whole eco thing. What? Easier and more absorbent than paper towels? They last for months without stinking? Sweet!

If loving a sweetgum™ cloth  is weird, you haven’t used one yet.

Design of the Week

Each week we highlight a different design and offer it at a special price. Featured designs post Thursday mornings.

Crushing on sweetgum™

"So awesome! These cloths are super durable, I’ve washed them countless times. They are so much more absorbent than regular wash cloths and way more sanitary. I hang mine to a clip by my sink whenever I’m not using it and I’ve also microwaved it (wet for 30 seconds) to kill germs."

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