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Premium, eco-friendly dishcloths by Sweetgum

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What's an eco-friendly dishcloth? 

You may know them as "Swedish" dishcloths. Think of it as a natural fiber sponge cloth.  Use it to wipe down counters, wash dishes, and clean all sorts of surfaces (stainless steel, glass, granite counters, chrome faucet).  Use damp to dust shelves, or with spray cleaners to clean surfaces.  Our dishcloths are an eco-friendly replacement for single use paper towels.

What are they made from?

Our collection of dishcloths are premium quality fabric made in Europe. The all natural fibers are 100% biodegradable/compostable.  We left out all the bad stuff and kept it simple: 70% Cellulose (wood pulp) & 30% Cotton.   Our designs are printed with water based inks sourced from Austria.  This product is the zero waste alternative to mainstream, foamed plastic kitchen sponges.

How long have these dishcloths been around?

Invented by a Swedish paper engineer in the 1950's, the Scandinavian's have been using the product for decades. Our Sweetgum dishcloths are printed in the lovely land of Finland.  

What makes Sweetgum dishcloths special?

Sweetgum dishcloths are premium quality, custom designed by Sandra Venus, founder of Sweetgum Home.  Sandra's delightful drawings are inspired by New England, regional recipes and time spent cooking with family.  Combined with our kitchen tea towels and trays, Sandra's dishcloth designs make sweet, eco-friendly gifts for the host, newlywed or housewarming.


What happens when they get dirty? 

Toss them in the washing machine along with your other linens.  These dishcloths are bleach safe, so go ahead and put them in with the whites.  Remove & air dry when the wash cycle is complete.  Expect to get about 50 washes out of our dishcloths.

Can I use it as a washcloth in the shower? 

Absolutely!  They're great at cleaning up messy toddlers too :)


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