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Clean the Scandinavian Way

In Scandinavia and the Nordic countries they've been using these sweet dishcloths for decades.

Good for the environment, good for your home. Made from all natural fibers, our European sponge cloths clean better than paper towels or sponges. They wipe surfaces streak free and lint free and they won't scratch. Clean stone countertops, mirrors, glass, the dishes... you can even use them as a washcloth to clean your face. Sweet!

Our dish cloths are premium quality Swedish dishcloths: made in Germany from the cleanest cellulose available (sourced from Norway) and printed in Finland with water based inks. Our Sweetgum designs are created by Sandra Venus, founder of Sweetgum Home, here in Massachusetts.

“These dishcloths are fabulous to use and beautiful. Bought a selection of Sweetgum’s dishcloths to give to friends who aren’t familiar with how awesome they are to use, and a great replacement to sponges and washcloths in the kitchen. They love them!" -Bridget- Sweetgum Home customer

Find happy in the everydaywith our exclusive collection of Swedish Dishcloths in designs that make you smile.

What's a Swedish dishcloth?

Swedish dishcloths are a natural fiber sponge cloth, a cross between a sponge and a paper towel. They're an eco-friendly alternative to paper towels and can be used over and over again...lasting for months!

There are so many uses for a Swedish dishcloth. You can use them in the kitchen while preparing or cleaning up from a meal. Wipe down countertops and the glass cooktop with a damp dishcloth.
Use a damp dishcloth to dust around the house.

Our dishcloths can be used with all natural spray cleaners or with standard spray cleaners to wipe surfaces and keep them germ free.

The perfect "Thinking of you" gift.

Make someone's day and send them a sweet little "Thinking of you" gift... that's cute and useful!
We've got designs for everyone on your list...the gardener, the home chef, beach lover, nature lover.
Add an envelope to your order and mail a dishcloth to a friend to let them know you've been thinking about them.