Wholesale Inquiry

Would you like to carry sweetgum home goods & MORE JOY dishcloths  in your brick and mortar shop? 

Sweetgum Textiles Co., LLC is the USA distributor for MORE JOY dishcloths from Finland. 
Please use the form below to contact us, tell us about yourself and your shop and  be sure to include your tax ID.  We will then send you our wholesale line sheet for both sweetgum and MORE JOY.
NOTE: We do not permit the resale of sweetgum or MORE JOY on Amazon.  Online sales for your own business website are only permitted on a case by case basis with prior approval.  Please indicate below if you would like approval for selling online and include website url.
For shops located in the Western states please contact:
 Bulkley Associates in Seattle, WA 
(Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming,
Colorado, Utah and New Mexico)
For shops located in New England  please contact:
The Belwether Group: 860-554-5341
(Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut)