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New England flower garden on a mug

The new Bloom mugs are in the shop!!

Have you ever noticed how tea tastes better in your favorite mug?
Maybe you have a special mug for tea and another one for coffee. I do.  I even have a favorite mug for Chai Latte. 
Lately, my favorite mug is the production sample of my new “Bloom in Blue” mug.  
I’m really pleased with how it turned out.…dusty blue wild roses wrap the entire mug with bumble bees flitting around one giant blue allium flower... It’s like having tea in a New England garden.
If you’re a gardener or bee lover, I think you’re going to love this mug.
This mug makes a perfect gift for the gardener or bee keeper.
Blue floral mug
Pink flora mug for tea or coffee

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