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Vintage Rugs

This new design will remind you to keep growing...ūüźĚūüźĚūüźĚ

Can a color inspire you to keep challenging yourself and grow? 

You Bet!  

Colors can make us feel all sorts of things.... happy, calm, hungry...

Ever wonder why so many fast food restaurants use yellow and orange?  Those colors make us hungry.

Designing with color in mind is often how I start drawing. 

Calm and Confident Blue.

My new collection BLOOM, began with the idea of creating a design that would encourage a growth mindset.  Blue is the perfect color for this message.

Studio News:

The first product in my BLOOM collection is the dishcloth with Bees pictured above.

By the end of January, I'll have trays as well and soon after that mugs to match!! 

Get the new BLOOM in blue dishcloth here

As my Mom always says....BEE¬†active!¬†ūüźĚūüźĚūüźĚ


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