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Join today at this Founding Member special offer.  Price increases to $35 on Oct. 1st at 12noon.

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Just like you, I enjoy gifting more than receiving.  This VIP Membership is your source for thoughtful, unique gifts to share with friends & family.  Plus, extra savings for you.  (Go ahead and treat yourself to something sweet with the extra savings. You deserve it!)

For an annual fee, Member benefits include:

  • 20% Off- all year long  (10% off on sub boxes & bundles)
  • VIP Early Access Shopping. Shop new releases and special collections before they're available in the main shop.
  • Private FB Group. Join the VIP Members group on FB for sneak peeks at new designs on the way.
  • Sweet extras like: Free envelopes for members,making it easier to share with a friend. AND VIP Member's only sales.

Note: Purchase the VIP Membership by itself first. Checkout then log back into the shop to activate your special VIP pricing & access VIP collections. 

Surprise & Delight

I've received countless emails from happy customers sharing how much they love to gift Sweetgum Home goods to friends & family.  Now, more than ever, we're all craving connection and looking for ways to keep in touch.  This VIP Membership makes it easier and more fun to stay connected with your friends. You get the best prices and exclusive access to new designs by being a member. The Sweetgum Home VIP Membership is the place to find surcie gifts, unexpected "thought-gifts" to make someone's day.


  • Can I quit at any time?  I'd hate to see you go, but yes, you can cancel your membership at any time.  You'll continue to receive membership benefits for one complete year from the date of purchase.  Unfortunately, we can't reimburse pro-rated amounts for the remaining year of your current year's membership.
  • When am I charged: The annual fee for the VIP Membership is charged as soon as you purchase it.  You will be alerted by email prior to your one year anniversary.
  • How do I activate VIP discount pricing?  After you purchase the VIP Membership  (purchase membership alone, with no other products in the cart) come back to the shop & login to your account.  VIP Member discounts are automatically applied to your order when you are logged into your account.
  • Can VIP Membership discount pricing be combined with other discounts codes?  Discount codes that are entered into the discount code box at checkout do not work when combined with The VIP Membership discounted pricing.  I'm not able to offer "stacked" discounts.  However, VIP pricing does apply to  Sale items. 

Join our VIP Membership

Get more of what you want.
Join Sweetgum Home's VIP Membership to get the best prices and early access to new designs.
First purchase the VIP Membership, then return to the website and login to your account.
  The VIP Member discount will automatically be applied to your order.  Be sure to login for discounts to be applied to your order.

The Sweetgum Home VIP Membership Program is a yearly subscription.  You may cancel at anytime, no questions asked.  If you cancel, you will continue to receive membership benefits for the year you've paid.  Unfortunately, we can't reimburse pro-rated amounts for the remaining year of your current year's membership.