Whale Swedish dishcloth by Sweetgum
Whale Swedish Dishcloth | White on Gray | 8" x 6.75" | Sweetgum

Whale Swedish Dishcloth | White on Gray | 8" x 6.75" | Sweetgum

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The doomed Pequod.  (That’s the whaling ship being sunk by Moby Dick.)

Moby Dick is one of my favorite books.  It's an adventure story that takes some patience getting into, but once you get past the first hundred pages (yes it does take a while to get into it!)  anyway, once you get into it, it's hard to put down.  I love a good sea adventure. Maybe because I get seasick and would never go on a sea adventure myself, so it's especially fun to read about them.  

 Nantucket, Massachusetts was the whaling capital of the world at one point.  The story of Moby Dick is based on the  true story of the whaling ship Essex that was from Nantucket.  The Essex was sunk by a sperm whale in 1820.  Most of the crew died but some lived to tell the story. 

My design is inspired by both the true story and Herman Melville's account of the story in Moby Dick. 

Now go ahead, get the book from your library and give it a read.  It's the perfect book for your next long plane ride.

Sweetgum  dishcloths are designed by Sandra Venus in New England and printed in Finland by MORE JOY using a  traditional screen printing method.  Our dishcloths are made from all natural fibers using the highest quality wood cellulose sourced from Norway and printed with eco-friendly water based inks from Austria.

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Customer Reviews

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So cute and useful

Love them. Think I will be giving done as gifts. Brightens up the chore or cleaning.

Love this product!

These reusable dishwashing cloths are my new favorite kitchen item! There are designs for all tastes and I love that they can be thrown in the washer. Great product!

Whimsical Dishcloth

I love the whimsical whale design on the Sweetgum Swedish dishcloth, and it is a standout in my kitchen which has black granite counters. Each time I use it, which means several times a day, my spirits are lifted. A very useful product which is cute as well.

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