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Happy Earth Day!

Happy 50th Earth Day!

At Sweetgum Home I'm dedicated to reducing the impact of shipping products- our kraft mailers are made from recycled materials and the clear bags we use to package our dishcloths is a compostable plant based material.

Our "Swedish" dishcloths (they're actually made in Germany and printed in Finland) are made from all natural materials (70% cellulose/ 30% cotton).  The inks used to print the graphic designs on the dishcloths are water based inks and free of harmful chemicals.  Did you know that our dishcloths can even be composted! They're the ultimate zero waste product for your kitchen.

Find out all about our eco-friendly dishcloths here: What's a Swedish Dishcloth?

Together we can make a big difference and help to protect this beautiful planet.

Let's go green!


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Eco-friendly dishcloths for Earth Day

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