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The LOVE Collection

Welcome to the L💗VE Collection! Did you know that Cupid is considered the ancient Roman god of love in all its varieties?  According to myth, Cupid was the son of Mercury, (winged messenger of the gods) and Venus (goddess of love).  He is often depicted as a cherubic little boy who makes people fall in love - sometimes mischievously.  No matter what type of love you are celebrating - these Swedish dishcloths are the perfect way to show your special people and our planet🌎 some ❤️!!  

Pair one of these dishcloths with a bottle of wine, box of chocolates or bouquet of roses you have a unique, eco-friendly gift for your sweetheart.  Or gift them to a "Val Pal" in a Galentine's goodie bag for a no-guilt treat (they're zero-calorie & 100% compostable ♻!)   

These designs also make wonderful gifts for a wedding shower, baby shower or a friend 'just because'!